Monday, October 16, 2017

NJ High School Teacher Upsets the Left After Telling Students Speaking in Spanish to Speak English (Video)

Students speaking in spanish during class at Cliffside Park High School in NJ didn't like being told by an English teacher to "speak American", while in her classroom. Aside from the fact they talking during class (disrespectful), which is a general no no we've all grown up with, doesn't matter in this day and age of liberal indoctrination that you're entitled to do and say what you want. We also have liberals to thank for a bilingual society as they've done everything possible to prevent immigrants from assimilating.

These kids also don't seem to care about the troops who have died so they can exist in this nation, be disrespectful, arrogant and generally rude. Again all of which we have the democrats/liberals/progressives to thank for.

Of course Leftists are upset over this clear act of racism and bigotry. By weeks end this teacher will be deemed a hardcore white supremacist, racist and bigot for more or less expressing how many of us feel at times. She will be suspended if not fired for offending these students by expecting them to speak in English.

If you're in America assimilate otherwise GET OUT! This is coming from the son of an immigrant, and great grandson of immigrants. My family members who LEGALLY immigrated here from Italy, also proudly assimilated. They wanted to be Americans, so much so they even raised their kids, my grandparents on my mothers side, to speak English at home. When my father came to this country in the 60's he went to school to learn our history, to read and write in English etc to become a citizen. We see none of that today from immigrants (legal or illegal).

Today, immigrants who come to America, that believe they are entitled to just about everything (again thanks to the Left), expect Americans to assimilate to them! Apply for a job, "do you speak spanish?", signage all over is in two if not more languages, get special help starting business, all the "free" social entitlements and how can we forget "For English Press 1".

How do we stop it? Make life difficult for those who refuse to assimilate to exist here. Stop pandering to those who refuse to speak engli! Defend teachers, business owners etc like this woman who will be viciously attacked by the Left. People like her are taking a stand because they're just as fed up as the rest of us.

You Lefties who don't like it no one cares. We know your game, you're only pandering to immigrants because you want their votes.


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