Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dem Congressman Attacks Trump Admin For 'Tearing Apart Latino Families' to Energize GOP Voters 📺

Rep Luis Gutierrez took to the House floor to slam the Trump admin over the harsh unfair treatment to "asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees"..... unsurprisingly not one mention that all of the above are entering the US illegally. He is using the new narrative, all of the Left is using, over how inhumane it is to break families up.

The RETIRING (thank God) Congressman never mentions said individuals are in the US illegally where the only ones breaking families up are the families. He's so concerned for the children, yet doesn't condemn parents across the border who send their children ALONE through Mexico. (BTW if Mexico is so great why are people risking their and/ or their children's lives to get into the US?) Luis never mentions how said individuals entering the US are coached by numerous organizations and individuals, directly and indirectly, on what to say when encountered by Border Agents. They are in fact coached on how to abuse the system to enter the US under false pretenses, ie asylum seekers. "They have crime, violence, death threats, rapes etc", uh huh the US has all of that as well not to mention a massive bullseye on it for terrorists! Finally, but not the least, Gutierrez also doesn't seem to mind the thousands of American families broken up everyday over parents being sent to jail, or losing a loved one at the hands of a criminal illegal alien.

Luis' dishonest and divisive House floor speeches WON'T be missed; this democrat practically wrote the book for his party on conflating illegal immigrants with legal immigrants. His attacks against the Trump admin for simply enforcing the laws on the books is at the top for the number of times he has been dishonest at tax payers expense (your tax dollars are paying for this speech America). Congressman if you have a problem with the laws being enforced then propose legislation to change them instead of grandstanding and lying to the public as you've done for over 25 years.

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