Tuesday, July 10, 2018

MSNBC's Mitchell Suggests Trump Is Motivated by an 'Evil Desire' 📺

Unhinged Left has called Pres Trump just about everything you can imagine over illegal immigration. Trump hates kids, he's Hitler, is a racist, etc etc. Now MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell suggests the President of the United States has an 'evil desire' (I guess he is Satan now) to keep "families" apart.

If we take Mitchell at her word as fact, then by this logic obama was truly evil since he had twice the number of families and kids in cages. This is nothing more than manufactured outrage over illegal alien children being separated from adults. Nice to see the Left couldn't careless about parents sending their children across the border unattended. They also don't care at the high possibility the children are being used by cartels to get people across the border, since having a kid in tow supposedly betters one's chances of staying in the US. Did MSNBC bring that up or do they continue to assume the kids and adults are actually family members?

It's amazing MSNBC-13 actually found the time to cover this since they've lost their minds over Trump's SCOTUS pick. Just goes to show though they'll never stop demonizing this President while ignoring the fact their messiah did far worse.

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