Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bernie Sanders Says GOP is "Bankrupt Intellectually", US “Fundamentally Immoral & Wrong” (Video)

The GOP are no angels but they're not bankrupt intellectually. While they have a spending problem, they exist within reality knowing the programs Sen Sanders, and his ever growing socialist party, are unsustainable. The socialists want free healthcare, education, living wage etc but to this day cannot explain how it will be paid for other than cutting defense and taxing the rich.

As fmr British PM Margaret Thatcher stated, "...Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money"!

Cutting defense opens the door to this country being attacked and overran since our southern border is wide open.

Socialists have no long term plan to cover the costs of their campaign promises, unless you factor a total change in govt structure to one that is completely tyrannical. That is the only way things work for them, even though it's never worked. Venezuela is the perfect example of a country whose economy once flourished until the socialists took over. Now they're eating pets and zoo animals to survive, while 2.3 million with the means to do so have fled the country!

Socialism DOES NOT WORK, it never has.

As for Sanders saying the US is "fundamentally immoral and wrong" says who? Socialists who think they should take from those who work hard and do something with their lives to give to others who do nothing expecting, demanding everything should be free!? What's immoral and wrong is a party who steals to pay off those they pander to, to stay in power. A party who encourages promiscuity, drug use, acts of depravity and lawlessness.

This is your future America if you do not get out and vote to stop the democrat/ socialist party hoard from taking over. You need to get active, get your family, friends, neighbors and like minded individuals active to stop these people from ever holding power again. Otherwise Pres Trump WILL BE impeached with Mike Pence right behind him along with tax hikes, single payer will be implemented, US economic power will be ceded overseas and we'll be back to cowering to our enemies. Every single person that voted for Trump must vote GOP this midterm election, no excuses.

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