Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cap & Trade

People really need to speak up this bill will be the destruction of the way of life we all know if it gets through the next vote

1) I am asking people to stop with the left vs right, repub vs dem junk.. its about each and everyone of us. If you can't meet me there then do it for your family
2) Tactics need to change need to expose the turncoats who got this vote through, and then expose all of them for the dirtbags they all are!
3) Push anyone you know with the zombie mentality that they can't sit around anymore and wait for someone else to do it, you have to convince them they are in fact the someone else.

..... the powder keg is heavily under pressure now I am concerned for all and those close to me. I have heard ppl call-in on various talkradio shows who are beyond angry and some seem quite unstable.

As for dirtbag politicians here are the "Republican" turncoats that voted for Cap and Trade: Bono Mack, Mary (R) California, 45th Castle, Michael (R) Delaware, At-Large Kirk, Mark (R) Illinois, 10th Lance, Leonard (R) New Jersey, 7th LoBiondo, Frank (R) New Jersey, 2nd McHugh, John (R) New York, 23rd Reichert, David (R) Washington, 8th Smith, Chris (R) New Jersey, 4th.

I HIGHLY recommend everyone watch these vids of Boehner reading through the 300pg amendment to the C&P bill filed at 3am the morning of the House vote. The things that are in this bill are flat out wrong Waxman even tries to stop him as he clearly does not want anyone to know what they are voting on. This Bill is beyond dangerous, you name it they are going to try and regulate it!


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