Friday, July 24, 2009

Power Hungry Dems Set to Ram Another Bill Down America's Throat

Why the rush? Besides the fact many believe is so it can get passed before many read through it and see how much bs is in it... what is the real reason to jam yet another bill through?

Keep in mind these 2 along with Boxer and Fienstein are part of the reason CA is going in the dumpster. What they have done to CA they are doing to the country. (Some sort of sick experiment??) Yes it is Ahnolds fault too for not stopping them, but fact remains these are the masterminds behind the demise of CA. Now they are in a rush to pass this HC reform that will destroy our HC industry.

"Pelosi Hits Throttle on Health Care Bill Despite Democrats' Concerns House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set the legislative throttle at full-speed-ahead as she plans to bring health care reform to a floor vote by the August recess, a move that could inflame tensions in the party and imperil the bill's passage since fiscally conservative members say they're still not satisfied."

"Key Chairman Threatens to Bypass Committee on Health Care Bill A key House committee chairman on Friday threatened to bypass moderate Democrats who are holding up the health care reform bill and bring the package straight to the floor, in the latest showdown on health care that is dividing Congress and Democratic party ranks."

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