Thursday, August 13, 2009

Americans are now being discredited and called angry mobs...

There are a lot of townhall videos I could have used but I selected this one as the epitome of all. This is why ppl are angered, its not right wing, left wing, "birthers", neocon etc movement.. it is this attitude by ALL POLITICIANS as to why things are now heating up. This disconnection from reality, superiority complex, DC bubble actually DC is like the political version of Hollywood. Concerned true republicans, democrats, independants, AMERICANS who are legitimately organizing grass root organizations that are standing up to the outright corruption in gov't are being dismissed, discredited and belittled. America you are being labeled "astro turf " and manufactured by those YOU ELECTED! How does it feel America that you speak up and those you put into office and are speaking up against are discounting your efforts and passion. This is why The Art of Political Guerrilla Warfare is coming and its techniques MUST be used! Your non-representative representatives are shooting down every effort you are trying to make. They claim when thousands of you show up for a Tea Party, and you know how I feel about them, that only a few hundred show up. Wake UP America stand up and give them their own medicine.

The left (I single them out as they are the majority rule in DC but I also include the minority right of DC too when I write thus "they") knows they are seriously angering EVERYONE as they push the healthcare bill, we are seeing all types of people speaking out now mainly those considered baby boomers or the product of. Cap & Trade was one thing but they push this it will be a disaster. We already have rationing of healthcare with our current healthcare system its not perfect but it works and when was last time someone from the US WENT to Canada, Europe etc for medical care? They are coming here, the healthcare system is not broken as the Pres. is trying to convince and create ANOTHER false crisis to ram another unread radical bill through. How many vets will attest that the VA system frankly sucks? That folks is perfect example of gov't run healthcare! Look past all the political BS, look to see who is in position to benefit from it?!

America when are you going to truly wake up? Those voicing their opinions are being dismissed, discounted and discredited. And it still continues no ground has really been made with these outbursts and protests, starting several months ago! 9-12-09 is the day set for a major march on DC, go ahead but you must realize with the media now demonizing you it still wont be enough the time is right for what this site will be delivering but again I must issue this word of caution.

Resist tendencies of violence or physical action at all costs. I know, I know "what about the other side"? You must understand this is their tactic. They want you to get physical that is why you are being provoked by all sides including the White House. Don't go that route you will only fall into their trap. These altercations at protests are being planned. Hate to say this but if some try to start a fight back down and if need be take one for the team (just make sure a camera is rolling). Yes I said that... get your butt beat as long as someone is there filming, the sooner these thugs are shown for the who they are the better! If people against what is going on fall for the trap of violence and throw down it will sooner or later bring on all types of restrictions, even laws onto all of us. If you know of anyone planning to do anything turn them in, they will destroy the efforts of all! Thats what those in power want, they want an actual conflict to take more control... "well we dont want to do this but it is for the best of the country and its safety...." Yes I said that a minute ago, the White House, they too do not take you seriously and are labeling you. Remember civil action to affect the system and change it is the goal. If you are being engaged physically by the other side PLEASE resist at all costs.

"... it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." Batman Begins 2005

The Art of Political Guerrilla Warfare is coming...
It is the end solution to their game and OUR only way of Saving the Republic

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