Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where are the parents of these children?!

Why haven't they spoken up about all of this and there is more to come I'm sure!

This crap (and that is exactly what it is crap) has to stop, these teachers regardless of what excuse they will use to do this (ie black history month) must be stopped this is not acceptable. This is not funny anymore, this is not a joke, we are talking about innocent children being used for what I now call a sick agenda. A sick agenda that is sooner or later going to set the wrong person off. Those of you with kids demand to get lesson plans from your childrens teachers every week. Anything that seems out of the ordinary go to the school and ask them flat out in person what it is they are planning don't call them, email or write a note for your kid to take into school. If need be go a step further and find out who these teachers are before you let your kid attend one more day of class. Find out their credentials, what school they went to, what groups these teachers were involved in while they were in college etc.

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