Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ABC's Jon Karl Hammers Propaganda Minister Over Withheld Benghazi Emails

Jay Carney stumbled trying to cover his ass for LYING to the country over the regime changing the Benghazi talking points to protect the imperial emperor's re-election. Carney is in fact doing what you have been warned people tied to this regime would do in telling you what you saw and heard you didn't see and hear! What you know to be solid is now liquid and what was liquid is now solid. Carney is in the loop on all communications that go in and out of the white house. These people conspired to deceive the American people to get a fraud re-elected to the highest office in the country. If any of us were to commit fraud to the degree it is being committed by the "most transparent administration" in US history we would be in jail!

Everything that has come out of this mans mouth and his boss are blatant lies. Where is Congress? Why are these so-called elected leaders and defenders of the Republic silent? The rebels in Congress that just came forward calling for John Kerry to resign should be demanding Carney to resign TODAY! This bastard and all regime members were adamant that the a video no one saw was the cause of the attack that left four men dead many injured! All of this to protect obama, Clinton and the gun running being facilitated out of that CIA outpost!

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