Saturday, April 19, 2014

Filmmaker Gives Firsthand Account From Nevada Ranch Standoff

The corrupt true domestic terrorist Harry Reid continues to spew lies about the Bundy ranch standoff calling supporters terrorists. Dennis Michael Lynch appeared on Wilkow to give a firsthand account of what really happened the media is not covering while they push Reid's lies. As DML reported on The Kelly File Sheriff Mack's comments are "bs" that the protestors would put women and children in the line of fire, there was no such plan.

Did anyone on Fox, MSDNC, CNN etc report the people were one their knees praying while US Federal agents pointed weapons at them? No! God forbid prayer is mentioned in a news report because some liberal anti-God hack will throw a hissy fit that these people said a prayer! Yes citizens were armed and rightfully so it's called the Second Amendment and I will go out on a limb and say the Deceleration of Independence mandates the people have a right to fight back as well!

We are tired of the bullying, thuggery and overreach of this corrupt govt whether it is Bundy's ranch, Gibson Guitars factory, health food store in CA or Amish selling unpasteurized milk etc! Enough is enough with the abuse of powers and stormtroopers coming in ready for WW III!

Reid claims we are a nation of laws, if that is true then why is the border wide open, why is he allowing illegals to come into Nevada & the US taking jobs away from Americans?? Why were federal agents, multiple law enforcement agencies surrounding a rancher over grazing fees while illegals and real terrorists cross our border daily? There was more firepower trained on Bundy, his family and supporters than on the US-Mexican border! Fact is we are not a nation of laws anymore, we are a post-Constitutional Republic because of monsters like Harry Reid, John McCain etc.

Those of you still feeling passionate about Bundy may I ask you divert that energy to get Harry Reid REMOVED from Congress?

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