Saturday, April 19, 2014

NV Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Destroys MSDNC's Hayes Over Cliven Bundy

Kudos to Assemblywoman Michele Fiore for putting this regime propagandist in his place! Yes Bundy lost in court but Fiore points out something we haven't heard which is the fed never defined what the actual damages were to the land! Why was this handled in a federal court and not a NV state court? Why not just put a lien on the property? Aside from that the bigger issue at hand was put out perfectly by Fiore "... when in the heck do we send our federal government with arms to collect a bill? When do we do that?" The support for Bundy is as a result of the heavy-handedness, thug tactics and the feds putting a small army in place after 1 American over failure to pay grazing fees?

Yes you did hear Hayes make the comparison between illegals and cattle! This jerk actually pushed the apples to oranges analogy suggesting what difference does it make with the cattle they were going to be slaughtered anyway! Comcast subscribers you do know you pay for this crap from MSDNC!? Your money ends up in Hayes and all the other regime propagandists pockets at this garbage network! I want to know why no one has started a boycott against this corporation? I want to know why no one has set up camp outside Comcast offices protesting the network being a mouthpiece pushing this admins propaganda?!

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