Friday, April 18, 2014

Kelly File: Harry Reid Doubles Down Calling Bundy Ranch Supporters Domestic Terrorists

Every single time I see Reid my blood pressure spikes. This man.. this monster is beyond dangerous and I blame every single Nevadan for allowing to stay in power doing monumental damage to the US.

Let's get something clear the supporters who showed up did not have automatic weapons and the few who took "sniper positions" were countering the sniper positions already set up by this abusive tyrannical govt! Patriots rushed to Bundy's ranch because of the reports coming in about the show of force by the BLM. After Ruby Ridge and Waco there is no way the people of the US would stand for such an event to unfold for a third time. It was the govt who showed up first with a small army after 1 man and his family over grazing fees that they could have simply put a lien on the property to recover. Reid is a LIAR and an alarmist trying to amp up the progressive left while demonizing Americans who want to express their First Amendment rights.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch who was at the standoff to retrieve the cattle after the BLM announced they were standing down made it clear there was no one on that front line talking about putting women and children in the line of fire. Yes it was suggested by fmr Sheriff Mack, who Loesch points out was stupid and irresponsible, but they didn't do it!

The longer this monster is permitted to lie, deceive and smear the public the more damage and divisiveness he creates. He has in fact been permitted to say if you are against this tyrannical govt you are a terrorist because NO ONE is coming forward demanding he stop. The left is constantly attacking Americans and it is outrageous so many stand on the sidelines shrugging it off calling him senile, crazy etc. This monster has got to be removed from power. It is not just the attacks it is also about how Reid abuses his power in the Senate while being obama's political bodyguard/ henchman. Reid is the one who advances fundamental transformation through Congress! You want to stop obama? All you people out there winging and complaining about obama, calling for his impeachment etc you want to stop him? You have to get Harry Reid out of the US Senate. He has to be recalled, he cannot remain in the Senate even if the GOP gains a majority come November!

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