Friday, April 18, 2014

MSDNCs, Mike Barnicle: Harry Reid is Right Cliven Bundy is a Domestic Terrorist

All parties right or left should be coming forward demanding Reid make a formal apology for calling Americans expressing their First Amendment right in support of another American domestic terrorists. In allowing this vile miserable excuse of a human being to use such language waters down the meaning of what a domestic terrorist is. The Boston Bombers, Timothy McVeigh, Nidal Hasan are domestic terrorists not Americans who have had it with an abusive federal government. This Barnicle charter in his arrogance doesn't realize that in the manner he defined terrorists he also has to include those on the left who use the same exact tactics the Bundy protestors use.. that means his precious Occupy Wall St movement along with the countless radial left groups from the gay mafia to CodePink are all domestic terrorists as well!!

Leftist hacks like Barnicle always leave out what their own do and want to immediately tag any act of civil disobedience committed by the right as terrorism. Sorry pal it doesn't work that way. You and Reid want to push it fine then it goes for all the lefty loon organizations including those like yourself to Soros and even politicians who offer support. You cannot pick and choose who you will label. But do we her anyone on the right as of now saying what I just said NO! Why because they're a bunch cowards who insist on playing nice. Look where it gets them, now labeled anarchists, arsonists and terrorists!

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