Monday, April 14, 2014

Harry Reid on Bundy Ranch Standoff: Its Not Over

...We can't have Americans violating the law?!


Really? What is it YOU DO 24/7 Harry? What is it your thug boss does 24/7? I'm sorry if I recall obama has violated the "law of the land" aka obamacare 37 times! He has aided our enemies overseas, which is treason! He has weaponized federal agencies (IRS EPA DOJ) to attack and destroy Americans. Obama has the CIA & NSA spying on all Americans violating our privacy and our Fourth Amendment rights aka the LAW 24/7! You, you hypocrite have made all kinds of deals behind closed doors breaking God knows how many laws that have enriched yourself at the expense of the American people!

All you people in Nevada that are amped up about Cliven Bundy better take that anger and energy and get Harry Reid removed from power ASAP! This guy is radioactive to the entire nation!

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