Monday, April 14, 2014

Chinese Solar Company With Ties to Harry Reids Son Wants Bundy Land

It is no surprise Harry Reid is connected to the Bundy Ranch standoff as we are learning other ranchers have been muscled out over the years. Harry Reid is so corrupt but so is all of DC that no one is talking about this let alone taking action. We have a US federal agency that went after a citizen with a small army seizing his property, surrounding him with heavily armed stormtroopers over unpaid taxes. Let's all assume Bundy is in the wrong the courts (even though Reid's henchman ruled on this) were correct, this all could have been avoided with a simple lien leveled on Bundy's property. Instead the full might of the tyrannical US govt was brought on a single man to enrich one of the most vile, miserable corrupt politicians in US history.

Maybe the DOJ will launch an investigation into this... oh wait that won't happen when there is crybaby running it calling anyone who opposes him a racist. So what are the people left to do? What options do we have when politicians pander to uninformed voters to stay in power while they use said power and influence to harm Americans?

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