Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Western Washington University wants to be less white

Parents you should pull your kids out of Western Washington University, it's clear academia is not a priority to its president. What happened to content of character not color of ones skin? Did WWU president David Shepard consider that maybe they have more whites than other races is because those minorities don't find the university appealing as a student or faculty?!

How come no one ever talks about the racism toward whites? Charges of discrimination/ racism are always about blacks, asians and hispanics but what about whites? White people are constantly targeted and made out to be the boogeyman. There is no discrimination in the work place or at universities let alone racism. FYI the US has the first bi-racial president (twice elected), a black attorney general and other high ranking positions. That all funnels down throughout government, corporate world, Hollywood and even universities!

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