Tuesday, March 14, 2017

MSNBC's Matthews Claims There Was No 'Real’ Mandate to Buy Health Care

Chris Matthews provides another example of revisionist history, from the left, after being one of the obama regimes biggest propagandists who helped sell the worst piece of legislation in US history. This claim by Mr Tingles is an insult to every American, as it was common knowledge everyone was obligated to buy barackobamacare. It went to the Supreme Court who ruled in favor, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, making it clear that the mandate being a tax was a'okay.

So why is Tingles doing this? To provide cover to the dems as this monstrosity of a law begins to collapse, unless the stupid GOP take possession of it with their repair bill. MSDNC is and will always be in business as the media arm for democrats pushing one lie after another.

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