Tuesday, March 14, 2017

!BREAKING NEWS! MSNBC Proves Donald Trump Pays His Taxes

Ohhhh Rachel Maddow you though you had him didn't you!? Thanks to you the world now knows Donald Trump pays his taxes ($38M) and in 2005 he paid a higher tax rate (25%) than barack obama, Bernie Sanders, the Clinton's, Comcast, Mitt Romney and countless others. And great job on the crazy conspiracy theory! That kind of bs should do wonders for what little credibility and integrity you and your bullshit network had. Please don't stop, keep up this insane witch hunt because we have 2018 and 2020 elections to plan for.

Thanks to this hack of a "journalist" and her shit network Trump can chalk up another win, that even Van Jones had to admit!

Maddow is a representation of all the radical DANGEROUS left (media, pundits, fmr politicians etc) clearly demonstrating they will do anything to take down the President of the United States. These monsters care more about their party and radical agenda (which is clearly anti-American the people rejected) they'll push lies and propaganda to no end. Keep that up too because you're all skirting literally on the edge of committing acts of rebellion, sedition, insurgency while advocating the overthrow of the US govt! All you should know are punishable with LONG jail sentences... in federal prisons.

Speaking of jail Rachel, you do know you're in receipt of stolen documents and committed a felony right? Under federal law 26 US Code § 7213 those involved are looking at 5 years FEDERAL prison time and $5000 fine! 😬

Now we can see why you lefties are scared to death having a real Attorney General in office like Jeff Sessions! If I were you I'd be freaking out wondering if the next knock on the door is the FBI or US Marshals!

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