Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fauxcahontas Fearmongers "People Will Die" Because of GOP's Health Plan

Elizabeth Warren conveniently forgets about the people who have died because of obamacare unlike the fearmongering she puts on the Senate floor if the progressive republicans get their plan through.

Obamacare Killed My Sister - by Doug Graham
Obamacare Made Vulnerable People Die on Wait Lists - Federalist
ObamaCare is Killing People in Rural America - Frontpage
Beware Of False Claims That Obamacare Repeal Will Kill Thousands Of American - Forbes

Truth of the matter is people are going to die obamacare/ AHCA or not. Taking a hand grenade to the healthcare system is not the solution to provide insurance to a small segment of the population while ruining it for everyone else. The logical sane thing to do would have been to create a healthcare system for the millions both sides claim are without coverage. Instead PROGRESSIVES see it as an opportunity to seize power over all of us.

Said it before I'll say it again: Regardless of what is passed Congress won't be participating in it. THAT IS A PROBLEM! If they want to show they really care then sign yourselves up. If Congress exempts itself then no one should be forced to buy any kind of govt provided/ subsidized healthcare. Better yet why not give everyone the same plan Congress has!?

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