Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Judge Napolitano: Bundy Ranch Standoff is "Becoming the Last Straw" With This Admin & Big Government

"...this is becoming the last straw not only with this administration in particular but with big government in general. It's an in-your-face, overly aggressive, overly harsh unnecessary enforcement of a federal court order using militaristic tactics that are not necessary in modern society in order to enforce. And because of people like you and other colleagues of ours here at Fox and even elsewhere the American public is rallying against federal government." The Judge weighed in to double down on his previous statement that the people have drawn a line in the sand against the bullying of the federal govt. He reiterates regardless of who is right or wrong in this case that the use of heavily armed men and militaristic tactics  are not necessary when all the feds had to do was put a lien on Cliven Bundy's property for the unpaid taxes. Instead we witness the heavy-handed thuggery of the obama federal govt.

I don't think it has settled in folks heads yet of how out of control this govt has become. They surrounded a US citizen with a small army, set up sniper positions all over cattle grazing on public land in which taxes haven't been paid!!

As for the rumors of a raid what would be the grounds? Unpaid taxes? Bundy hasn't done anything illegal, he is not running arms, drugs, contraband etc to justify a raid. I highly doubt he has $1 million in cash lying around for the obama stormtroopers to seize. They already tried seizing his cattle and that backfired with a show of strength by the people. People who are still in place and ready to go! If regime stormtroopers did attempt a raid it would end badly for both sides, that said it would be foolish for the feds to go in.

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