Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Krauthammer: Reform Entitlement, or Else We'll 'Go Over a Cliff

I have to disagree with the good doctor. There will be no entitlement reform under this administration or the next. Congress is corrupt and they know money talks, especially "free money" in the form of entitlements. I guarantee you be it 2,4,6 years from now you will hear Congress and whomever is president say "we can't take away these entitlements/ benefits from Americans who depend on them". The more free stuff the current roster of DC destroyers lay on the nation the more will be expected. When the imperial regime  yanked Clinton's welfare reform they destroyed any chance of re-implementing it or anything like it in the future. The country is not doing better economically and it won't years from now because of the mountain of debt we are in now that we cannot get out from under. Raise taxes you gonna to make the patient flatline, pull back on govt subsidies the patient will again flatline.

The worst thing these idgets in DC did was throw one bailout after another at the country. Instead of letting us bottom out they have prolonged the inevitable but have made it far worse than it would have been in 2008-09. Piling on free stuff, obamacare etc while keeping interest rates at zero was the most irresponsible thing that could have ever been done. the US economy is a terminal patient on life support any change to status quo and you will kill it!

We're going to have to go over the cliff but we will be a blaze when it happens falling from a much higher point. You did this to yourselves America because you are insane! You elect the same people over and over again expecting them to do something different this time around even though they have NEVER done anything to suggest otherwise.

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