Monday, April 14, 2014

Judge Napolitano on the Cattle Ranch Standoff: Enough Was Enough People Drew Line in Sand

The Judge put this standoff into perspective for folks to understand since so many are split over whose side they are on. The main issue is govt overstepping its boundaries as Napolitano points out this case should have been heard in a state court not a federal court. But even if the ruling would remain the same as the Judge points out all they (feds) had to do was put a docket/lien on Bundy's real estate property.. THAT'S IT! Coming in with an army of heavily armed stormtroopers setting up sniper positions, seizing a citizens private property (cattle) technically at gun point was asking for trouble.

This standoff is about the govt being completely out of control using troops an intimidation to get its way. That boys and girls is a called tyranny and if I recall we fought a war or two to put a stop to it. And don't even get me started on the First Amendment issue that was blatantly interfered with! If the feds can just come in and start taking what is the sense in states rights/ sovereignty? Why have state lines/ boundaries... why have states if the feds can come in and do whatever the hell they want? The federal govt was charged in protecting the country not micromanaging it, taxing people to death and lending cover to corrupt politicians with side deals to enrich themselves.

This standoff was/ is still about the people having enough of the bullying and thugocracy that comes out of Washington DC.

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