Sunday, April 13, 2014

George Will: Obama Administration Cries of Racism Are Becoming a Joke

The cries of racism go beyond a joke, they are dismissed by many now. This corrupt administration has abused charging their opposition with racism that they have now watered down something that should be a red flag or an alarm of something serious. It is a disservice to those who fall victim to true cases of racism because now that it has been so badly abused no one will listen! Since no one will listen the tension between races will grow and get worse no thanks to obama and his ilk. Then again that is what obama wants he wants racial tension he wants this nation divided because he and the left know how effective pulling the race card is to the uninformed class. So even though they have trivialized it among those in the know, the people progressives pander to take it as gospel and remember when they go into the voting booth!

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