Thursday, April 17, 2014

Judge Napolitano to Megyn Kelly: Government is the Servant Not the Master

Judge Napolitano continues his position that the govt went way beyond their scope of power to enforce two court rulings against Bundy. "...federal govt using grossly excessive force in order to resolve a dispute that you and I as lawyers know,and people watching us now should understand, can be resolved by filing some pieces of paper in a courthouse." This standoff should have never happened the feds took this guy to court twice yet didnt go to the courts to have a lien put on the property for the taxes & fines owed. Instead they chose to bring in a small army which just goes to show you this govt believes it is above the law. The feds do not understand we are the masters they are the servants as Napolitano points out and it is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.

Is it not surprising that this govt under obama is using intimidation, heavy-handed excessive use of force because they all think they are above the law. Obama has set the precedent in acting above the law where all below him follow in his footsteps. Who are these people though? Who are these men and women who have decided to act out against fellow Americans? What happened to people with integrity to stand up and say "NO I will not comply"?

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