Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Obama Says Russia Will Face 'Consequences' Over Actions in Ukrain

There will be no consequences if Russia takes over eastern Ukraine or the entire country at this point. Obama has drawn more red lines than a 2nd grader in a drawing! Putin is laughing at obama and even taunting him at this point because he knows if the US takes no action NATO and the UN will be impotent as well. Little Barry has proven to the world he is all talk no action and that anyone at this point can take dangerous action toward their neighbors without fear of the US. Obama will go down as the weakest president in US history which will set a dangerous precedent not only for our allies but for the US. We have lost all credibility and respect our allies no longer trust us and going forward you can be sure it will be more difficult to have anyone agree with us. Obama has in fact allowed the schoolyard bully to take over instead of keeping him at bay.

Our enemies around the world are emboldened they have no fear of the US retaliating or imposing devastating sanctions. It is just a matter of time until they strike as hard as they did following up to 9/11, no one is safe as long as obama is president. Obama using community organizing slick talk in foreign affairs has made the world a much more dangerous place than it was under the evil Bush administration.

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