Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mark Levin: Cliven Bundy Versus The Federal Leviathan

The Great One weighs in on the Bundy Ranch standoff calling the feds move an abuse of power. Mark is not a stupid man as many of you know so you get an honest legal assessment of what is going on from the former Chief of Staff for the Attorney General Edwin Meese. The BLM was going to back off two years ago but it was a leftist environmental group that pushed the issue.

The American people are under attack by federal agencies and leftist organizations in the name of environmental conservation, green is the new red don't you know! It always comes back to the same thing doesn't it? Peoples way of life/ freedom, land and industry(capitalism/ free markets) are under constant attack by the extremist leftist radicals socialists/ marxists/ communists aka progressives looking to control every aspect of our lives. No matter what the issues it is always about money, power and control and it will not stop until people get off their asses and start fighting back. Your siting around waiting for someone else to come around to do something, complacency because "it's not that big of a deal" or "doesn't affect me" has left the door wide open for the extremists to take control of the nation.

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