Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Peter King: Rand Paul Isn't Capable of Having an Intelligent Debate

Paul appeals to the lowest common denominator represents the isolationist wing from the 1930's!!? WTH is this lunatic talking about? A large majority of Americans agree with Rand Pauls positions on a number of issues. King is in fact attacking a large number of Americans here who of course remain silent. Oh wait we have to remind ourselves this is the same guy who is okay with the NSA & CIA watching our every move.

Petey King is NO conservative he is a hardcore progressive (patient communist) that if you will notice has only been attacking conservatives! I cannot remember the last time I heard this guy come out and attack a democrat. He is just like McCain, McConnell and company who is threatened by the true conservative movement. If Rand Paul is so bad why did he get a standing ovation at Berkeley of all places? King is just another establishment republican, RINO, progressive whatever who has been in office for far too long. How many examples do people need to see of those representing you are not your friend?

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