Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama Attacks Repubs During Presser Says 'Democrats Should Forcefully Defend' Obamacare

Darth Hussein gave a surprise press conference today to brag about obamacare signups reaching 8 million; with no proof of course. This speech like all of them was well prepared proving this Sith Lord is incapable of speaking on the fly even to attack republicans which he practically spent half the time doing. Think about that for a minute the leader of the free world had a prepared speech to attack fellow Americans! He is truly a disgrace to the office he represents and will never get one ounce of respect from yours truly. Barackobamacare is a certified disaster this presser is proof of that. If it was doing so well he wouldn't have to get on air push it as a success with inflated numbers we all know, including 60% of Americans who do not believe him, are lies!. Don't you find it amazing regime members never know any of the stats on barackobamacare except when they find "good" ones like the number of "sign ups"!? Yea and we know sign ups do not equal enrollments so lie away little boy!

As for the alleged success of obamacare and his majesty's call for dems to "forcefully defend" it please do! Please campaign on obamacare and make sure you do it with people who lost coverage and are paying double and triple more than they use to. Please make sure to point out senior citizens are free from their crappy plans who now have pediatric dental and single gay men now have maternity coverage! The imperial emperor is right to call on dems to stop running away from obamacare. Dems should embrace the law they supported 100% running the US healthcare system and economy into the ground!

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