Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jay Carney: Obamas Toughest 2012 Interview Was with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a typical failed Hollywood hack who couldn't make it so he resorts to bashing and mocking conservatives. The guy couldn't talk himself out of a wet paper bag without his 20-30 writers... for a 20 minute show! Yea let that stew for a minute, this guy is on tv for 20 min and has more writers than most shows! Such a joke and insult really for the Propaganda Minister to suggest a failed comedian, whose entire life is scripted, would ask his royal majesty tough questions. Tougher than the softball questions obama gets from the crap media yes, but obama has yet to have a tough interview because Carney and company have protected him from real hard-hitting interviews.

The O'Reilly Super Bowl interview was about as close to a hard interview we have seen this joke president be submitted to. Even that had its constraints since it was on the bookings turf and only a few minutes to ask 5 questions. The imperial emperor has yet to have a tough interview because he runs away from conservative media. He would not survive an interview for the length of time he gives leftist media outlets (20-30++ minutes) in their studios or "turf". Let's see obama on the set of Fox News for an hour with all his handlers out of the studio! Let's see obama sit across from Rush Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Mark Levin for 30-40 minutes commercial free! Yea it will never happen because he is a certified coward who hides behind hack propaganda pushers like Jon Stewart!

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