Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama: Immigration Will "Haunt" Congress

This clown is trying some pathetically weak reverse psychology to get Congress to act on immigration reform. The only thing that will haunt Congress is if they once again act against the will of the people and pass amnesty. His majesty wants to see that new pool of uninformed dependent permanent voters created for the SNC, but we know the establishment republicans have similar plans!What does that say about our government that our elected leaders care more about legalizing illegal aliens just to get their votes?! Should tell everyone how broken our government is that they care more about illegals than US citizens!

If his majesty isn't trying to guilt Congress to act then it is a clear warning shot over their bow that if they do not move on passing amnesty he will use his magic pen to make it happen. We have too many politicians who have gone silent on this issue just as they have done with obamacare. That should be a warning to all they are working something up and you can bet it will be as bad for the nation as obamacare was. Reps Ryan and Gutiérrez have been working up a bill for quite sometime since RubioCare was pushed through the Senate. All you need to know is NOTHING can be permitted to even come to the House floor for a vote. They progressives will work to get something into Conference and pass it behind closed doors. NO AMNESTY, secure the borders, throw out anyone here on expired visas, everyone goes to the back of the line pays fines and speaks english fluently... for starters!

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