Wednesday, April 23, 2014

RNC Chair: Harry Reid is Dirty, Unethical

Harry abusing his power noooooo not Dingy he would never do that because we are a nation of laws! Priebus claims Dingy is using tax payer funded staff and websites to attack republicans and private citizens which is an ethics violation of Senate Rule 2. We all know he is dirty, unethical and extremely corrupt BUT does anyone believe he will be held accountable? Going to the Senate Ethics Committee about the Senate Majority Leaders violations is useless. The US is a Banana Republic, post-Constitutional Republic the criminal are running the show now.

If Harry Reid is not removed from power he will continue to push obama's radical agenda forward while enriching himself his allies while smearing Americans. You people in Nevada better get your heads out of your asses! Stop whining about impeaching obama and recall Reid he cannot be allowed to serve in office!

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