Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rush: Democrat Party Politics Is Destroying Peoples Dreams

The is left creating an environment of resentment between those who are successful and those who are not. Classic warfare being orchestrated by the radical elites who are in fact part of the 1%! How many democrats in power are multimillionaires? How many SNC donors and lobbyists are multimillionaires even billionaires like Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg, Gates, Zuckerberg, Winfrey...? The lefts policies on immigration alone is destroying this country. How many jobs have been lost to illegals? Wages HAVE BEEN driven down with the wave of illegals entering the US, who even though they are making less HERE, are still making more money than they would ever see in their native country! The calls for income equality, progressive code language for wealth redistribution, means money must come out of someones pocket that worked hard to go into another persons pocket. These politics of the democrats is destroying people's dreams of success because why should you work hard if it will only be taken away? Why push for greatness when you will be attacked and criticized for your success and made to resent doing well for yourself?!

Progressives do not care about the people only for themselves through their uninformed followers that have allowed themselves to be convinced by their handlers it's that guys fault they are in a corner. What race hustlers have done in inner cities telling people "the man" is keeping them down, hates and doesn't care about them has also been applied to the nation as a whole. Rememeber all of what is going on today has been i the works for well over 100 years. This is why progressives are getting so vicious, and so many wealthy radicals are sinking their money into groups and causes bent on destroying the things that made the US great!

Those of you on the right with big pockets I suggest you start funding the counter movement. The one key difference between the left and right is the left puts its money where its mouth is. The right well you sit on your money and only offer a pat on the back and well wished to those of us on the front lines. While we are grateful a pat on the back isn't going to do much to counter Michael Bloomberg's gun grab or Mark Zuckerberg's push to get amnesty through!

Koch brothers you get attacked for the little you have donated maybe it's time to truly enter the game and start writing some big checks. That goes for all of you on the right sitting on your pile of money. If the left gets their way you won't be able to hide it here or in some overseas account for very long! Get off the sidelines and into the game small operations like STR to larger TEA Party groups etc cannot function without support!

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