Sunday, April 27, 2014

Karl Rove: Jeb Bush Is "The Biggest Thinker on Our Side"

Will Bush run in 2016? Rove claims he doesn't know. Please Karl you know and have known for a very longtime! The more these establishment insiders deny something the more they know! So there you have it boys & girls an establishment GOP elitist has pretty much made it official they will push Jeb Bush onto the country for the 2016 presidential run. The establishment has had such great picks over the years of candidates "we have" to get behind! Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney and time will tell but another LOSER Jeb Bush!

America you will have "two choices" in 2016 both progressives aka patient communists. I would like to know WHY the conservative rebel wing of the GOP remains silent and will not expose the Roves and Bushes for who they really are? 2016 is going to be historic for sure! It will mark the official end of the republican party giving rise to one party rule cloaked under the guise of GOP vs DNC. Out of 330 million the best 2 people we have to run for POTUS are a Bush or Clinton!? Seriously? This alone should be proof for the deniers of how much power the progressive party possesses in the US. These people are beyond dangerous and destructive enriching themselves and their friends while we the people struggle. There are over 100 million people out of work in the US have any of these monsters running the country taken action to get them working? NO! Instead they humanize illegals like Jeb Bush has done wanting more unsustainable mouths to feed. Let me make it clear they care more about legalizing an est 12 million illegals to get their votes rather than creating a positive economic environment to get millions of Americans back to work. As I've said repeatedly it's always about money power and control with progressives.

America at this point I do not know what it will take anymore for you to wise up, wake up and fight back. Your complacency waiting for someone to come along and do something si in fact complicity with status quo. The Bushes, Clintons and other elitists holding so much power over the nation is your fault! Those in the military who SWORE AN OATH to country never in a million years would one believe you would discriminate as to who is and isn't an enemy to the Republic.

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