Sunday, April 27, 2014

DHS Head Jeh Johnson: Immigration System Needs to be Respectful of Human Dignity and Family Unit

The only thing the immigration system needs do is have the laws already on the books enforced. National security trumps respect of human dignity, civil rights of illegals and their family unit. Anchor babies were never the true intention of the 14th Amendment and it has been exploited, perverted and abused for decades. I'm curious why aren't any of the bleeding heart liberals crying over the families broken apart daily in the US when a parent(s) goes to jail? Is that not the system breaking family up? How about the Pelletier family being broken apart when Boston DCF took Justina away to be a lab rat?! Where are the cries of destroying the family unit in these types of cases?

As usual only when it comes to illegal alien amnesty, aka future democrat voters, will the left come out and make it a civil rights/ humane issue. The deportation numbers are being fixed by this administration to gin up support from radicals to pressure Congress to act. Haven't the people learned their lesson yet that facts and figures coming from the obama regime are flat-out lies!? The immigration system is broken, but it was broken by Congress and those tasked to enforce it! Our biggest problem on the border right now is that someone deported today will come right back across it the next day. The only bill the people want to see coming out of Congress is a border security bill. Anything else attached to it i.e. "comprehensive immigration reform" will be nothing but another monstrous disaster like obamacare.

We cannot trust obama to follow the law of the land in obamacare what makes ANYONE think he will abide by whatever immigration bill is cooked up by Congress??

Jeh Johnson is another example as to why the US Senate must be cleaned out starting with Harry Reid. We have them to thank for this political activist now the head of the SS DHS. Border security is the least of his concerns, allowing as many illegals into the country who can be used as political puppets is his directive!

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