Monday, May 1, 2017

Tucker Battles May Day Organizer Pushing For 'Immigrants' Rights (Vid)

May Day is a day celebrated by socialists, communists for workers rights, but as time has passed since it's inception, commies have expanded it to apparently include and advocate for "immigrants" rights too! For the second time now Tucker Carlson has allowed a radical leftist, commie, come onto his show and conflate immigrants with illegal immigrants as one in the same. There is clearly a concerted effort by the left to push this narrative and normalize illegal/ undocumented immigrants as immigrants.

American do not have a problem with immigrant workers, we have a problem with illegal immigrants.. illegal aliens. We have a problem with illegal aliens because they are driving wages down, taking jobs away from Americans, draining the social entitlement system etc... you know the drill. Steven Choi is arguing to get illegals all the same rights as legal immigrants, again by conflating the two.

This nonsense and systematic destruction of America has to be stopped. Illegals do not have, nor are entitled to the rights Choi and all the commies marching today are advocating for.

Unfortunately, like clockwork people on the right submit to political correctness by not correcting leftists calling illegals, "immigrants" or "undocumented immigrants". Tucker is setting a precedent by allowing Choi to constantly ID them as such, which only aids the left in their quest to one day see illegal aliens legalized, becoming brand new democrat party voters.

Don't believe it?

As argued on this site many times, take a look at CA. The state who once gave America Ronald Reagan is now permanently under democrat control. When the demographics of a state are changed the political power will change as well. California is lost, they are now working on AZ, FL, NV and TX where before you know it democrats will be controlling everything. REMEMBER progressive democrats are about the long term, if it take 100 years to pull this off then so be it, they're patient.

TEA Party activists, red blooded republicans, conservatives better up your game before it's too late. Staying silent not standing up to leftists over fears of being called a racists or bigot isn't going to help this country. Illegal immigration must be stopped in its tracks. Throw out progressive republicans from political office otherwise better take up spanish and a few other languages for when you become the minority!

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