Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tucker Eviscerates Illegal Alien Jose Vargas Over May Day Violence & Immigration Policy

Tucker Carlson brought on illegal alien and activist Jose Antonio Vargas to explain why no one on the left is condemning the violence by leftists on May Day, now that they have included illegal immigration into their platform of grievances besides workers rights.

First things first, Jose is an ILLEGAL ALIEN NOT an "undocumented immigrant". When leftists and activists, like Vargas, call illegals “undocumented” it suggests, in the minds of the uninformed masses who listen to their every word, these people came to America properly, LEGALLY. They want people to think there was a mix up with these "immigrants" paperwork in some govt immigration office or maybe the documents were lost, tied up in red tape or the dog ate them. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do these “immigrants” have legal status to be in the United States? NO, thus they are here ILLEGALLY
Are these “immigrants” native to the United States? NO, thus they are ALIEN

This is how and why these people are called ILLEGAL ALIENS! When we say "illegal aliens", Jose, we're not suggesting you or the rest of your ilk, demanding to have rights in a country you entered illegally, are from another planet. We are correctly identifying who and what you are!

Gotta give Tucker credit for not letting Vargas off the hook as he pushed nonsense to distance himself from radical leftist protesters. He never once denounced the violent destructive actions of leftist protesters. He in fact justifies the behavior by remaining silent and making excuses by saying "I can't speak for them. I can't speak for why people did what they did." even though these "people" are ranting like banshees to give illegal aliens full citizenship! Protesters who are more or less domestic terrorists trashing the country on Vargas and other illegal aliens behalf. These monsters are tearing the country apart, widening the divide obama started for people who have no right to be in America.

For the umpteenth time illegal aliens have NO RIGHTS in America other than the right to an immigration hearing. America I implore you to call DOJ, DHS, and/ or ICE and demand an answer as to why this illegal alien has not been deported!

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