Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rush: Government Is The Reason The Health Care System Is Broken

Actually government is the reason all systems of capitalism, not just health care, are broken because it is run by inexperienced attorneys and ideologues advancing their agendas stifling ones ability to run a business problerly. People want to blame corporations or in this case doctors and hospitals for high health costs but it is govt that causes their costs to rise through regulations, taxes, abusive laws like obamacare or lack thereof to curb costs via tort reform.

It is even worse in areas of the country that are dominated by liberals. Granted in some cases there is poor management but in many these places fall victim to dem policies pandering to illegal aliens who milk the system they never pay into. If dems get their way with illegal immigration health care, already has enough problems, what will happen when you add 20 million more into the system?! Care has to drop, staff has to be cut etc to cover costs, but eventually all avenues to keep the doors & hospitals open for business will lead to closure.

Government compounded with liberal policies puts businesses out of business, look at any city or state going under right now and you will find they are dem run.

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