Monday, April 28, 2014

Sen Ted Cruz Calls for Secretary Kerry's Resignation

There is no comparison between South Africa and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. John Kerry has made his mark as a complete failure now as Sec of State just like his predecessor Hillary "The Butcher of Benghazi" Clinton!

Kerry is in fact siding with enemies of the US and Israel. Not one of our allies has made such an absurd statement as Kerry made. You will never hear Kerry attack true tyrannical, oppressive regimes like China, N Korea or other barbarians who brutalize their people around the world like he has on Israel! But let's be honest Kerry's words were not his, they were the opinion of this radical corrupt administration. These beliefs are right in line with the radical beliefs of those who have an islamic background and listened to the words of a pastor who has had his share of being charged an anti-semite that preaches an ideology like Liberation Theology! Huh and wouldn't you know it but we have a potus who fits that description to a "T"!!

We know obama is a control freak, we know nothing is said by anyone in this admin without prior approval. It is safe to say Kerry's statement that Israel could become an "apartheid state" are the words from the one occupying the oval office! Obama is no friend to Israel or any of our former allies at this point. Will Kerry resign? No, he will probably get a promotion or raise for this latest gaffe!

Exclusive: Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’
Josh Rogin | DailyBeast
The secretary of state said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become ‘an apartheid state,’ like the old South Africa. Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison.
If there’s no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state,” Secretary of State John Kerry told a room of influential world leaders in a closed-door meeting Friday.
Senior American officials have rarely, if ever, used the term “apartheid” in reference to Israel, and President Obama has previously rejected the idea that the word should apply to the Jewish state. Kerry's use of the loaded term is already rankling Jewish leaders in America—and it could attract unwanted attention in Israel, as well.
It wasn't the only controversial comment on the Middle East that Kerry made during his remarks to the Trilateral Commission, a recording of which was obtained by The Daily Beast. Kerry also repeated his warning that a failure of Middle East peace talks could lead to a resumption of Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens. He suggested that a change in either the Israeli or Palestinian leadership could make achieving a peace deal more feasible. He lashed out against Israeli settlement-building. And Kerry said that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders share the blame for the current impasse in the talks.
Kerry also said that at some point, he might unveil his own peace deal and tell both sides to “take it or leave it.”
“A two-state solution will be clearly underscored as the only real alternative. Because a unitary state winds up either being an apartheid state with second-class citizens—or it ends up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state,” Kerry told the group of senior officials and experts from the U.S., Western Europe, Russia, and Japan. “Once you put that frame in your mind, that reality, which is the bottom line, you understand how imperative it is to get to the two-state solution, which both leaders, even yesterday, said they remain deeply committed to.”
According to the 1998 Rome Statute, the “crime of apartheid” is defined as “inhumane acts… committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.” The term is most often used in reference to the system of racial segregation and oppression that governed South Africa from 1948 until 1994...more

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