Monday, April 28, 2014

Lou Dobbs on Rep McMorris Rodgers Claiming There is a Path to Get Immigration Bill on The Floor by August

Ok first off let's call immigration reform what it really is ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY. Can someone please explain where all the conservatives are, because it's absolute silence in DC right now from those opposed to amnesty?! The republicans are scheming on how to get immigration passed and they do not care what you say America! They think if they present a bill that passes all the illegal aliens and voters in favor of amnesty flock to them come election time. Uh huh because it happened just like that after the progressives conned Reagan right!? WRONG! The establishment republicans led by John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell cannot be trusted and they will screw this country over for political points.

America you are being warned right now a 1000-2000 page immigration bill is coming that will have so much crap and pork buried in it just like obamacare. Obamacare is an epic disaster and failure, the immigration bill will make it look like a kids book! There are 100 million Americans who cannot get work and these MONSTERS in DC care more about the votes they can get from passing AMNESTY rather than taking action to stimulate our economy. Think about that your leaders have written off red-blooded Americans to secure votes from illegals. Anyone who comes out saying they won't be legalized to vote is a liar that is the only motivation to pass amnesty. Those 100 million will remain unemployed when our borders are flooded by illegals who will take what jobs still remain while driving wages down. They will in effect give the emperor the ammo he needs to push $10.10 minimum wage across the board that will KILL JOBS and put more people out of work!!

People you have got to get out of the funk you are in take to the streets, camp out at these bastards offices and if need be flood DC's streets so badly you bring business to a halt! Amnesty will be the final nails in the nations economic coffin. The pressure of obamacare along with the wave of illegals sucking the life out of the system will collapse the economy! What you did in 2009/10 to stop obamacare has to be dwarfed and for the record YOU FAILED to stop it from being passed!!

You care about your kids future, the safety of this country and your job? If so you better get involved stop waiting for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee to do something... they can't!

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