Monday, April 28, 2014

Ted Cruz to Megyn Kelly: Kerry's Apartheid Comment "Undermines US National Security Interests"

John Kerry is the global mouthpiece for obama's foreign policy. The words may have come out of Kerry's mouth but IMO he was expressing obama's true views on Israel. He believes Israel is oppressing the Palestinians in the same manner we saw in South Africa. It doesn't stop there he has similar views about the US and our "meddling" around the world forcing our will on other nations.

You have to remember folks these are hardcore progressives aka patient communists they do not like the US. Oh sure they will praise our successes and the wonders we brought to the world but there is true resentment towards our success on the backs of others! As written here and elsewhere obama is a student of Rev Wright for 20 years who believes in liberation theology who has had his share of questionable comments against Israel. They see the colonialism committed by the US (they have a problem with) committed by Israel in taking over Palestine. These people believe the Palestinians have a legit claim to land the Israelis have occupied for over 2000 years! Leave religion out of it and just look at this on historical basis the Israelis were around way before the islam existed!

Kerry is taking actions that put our national security at risk. As Cruz points out Kerry is negotiating with Iran that will leave them in a position to develop nuclear weapons they will use on Israel. He has said something that cannot be taken back the other anti-Semite in the middle east will capitalize off of. This statement was stupid and irresponsible committed by imbeciles who do not understand the arab/islamic culture. Everything they do is either considered a weakness or has empowered our enemies. Kerry like Hillary is an epic failure as Sec of state who just helped out enemies out again!

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