Friday, April 11, 2014

She's Baaack: Fmr ACORN CEO Says Amnesty Opponents & Voter ID Supporters Want "Apartheid" in America

Oh Bertha Lewis where have you been? Working up new scams or from what it appears jumping on the race hustling bandwagon! Why is it those of us against ILLEGAL ALIENS who broke the law and entered the US are racists? Maybe we should talk about how much you ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY proponents HATE everyone in this country, our laws and economic system in which you want to overload with people who do not belong here? It is amazing you true racists thinks it is okay to reward criminals!

As for vote ID requirements Bertha tell us why you have no problem when you're required to show an ID to
-get on an airplane
-buy a car
-buy or rent a house
-get care at a doctor/ dentist office or hospital
-get a hotel room
-get a loan
-pay by check (some instances paying by credit card)
-buy cigarettes and alcohol
-apply for government assistance
-in Colorado buy pot!?

Hmm tell us why you progressive DESTROYERS are silent where ID is required to do just about anything in this country but to vote you cry foul, racism or claim supporters want apartheid?!
Know what I think Bertha I think you just miss being in the game of voter fraud. It's what you do best and if you were innocent it would have been proven by now.

America this garbage has got to stop and I have a simple solution I will be sharing with the country very soon. ANYONE who comes out against it will be ones who clearly want voter fraud to continue. I would prefer getting some help from some big names and sites but I know they won't and I know most Americans are too busy with reality tv, or what big games are on etc so my simple solution to put this all to rest will probably go to deaf eyes and ears.

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