Friday, April 25, 2014

State Dept Spokeswoman Claims Ukraine Policy Working While Russian Fighter Jets Breach Ukraine Airspace

Want to know what a pure propagandist looks and sounds like? Here ya go!

▸ Putin cut off communications with the US as Hagel cannot get in touch with Russian counterpart.
Russian fighter jets have flown in Ukrainian airspace
▹ Military buildup continues along the border with questionable incursion within Ukrainian territory
▸ Chemical weapons have not been removed from Syria regardless of reports that removal is almost complete. As a matter of fact there is a report just this week they may have been used again!
▸ Iran is not backing down from the nuclear energy weapons development and never will
▸ The middle east is on fire to say the least with bombings in Iraq and 3 Americans doctors killed in Afghanistan
▸ N Korea continues to threaten the region and planned a nuclear weapons test while obama was visiting Japan and has detained an American

For this woman to go on air preaching that everything is sunshine and rainbows that sanctions are working is deplorable and dangerous. If this were a movie she would be this guy...

But Psaki is too busy pushing "hashtag" on Twitter

Jen Psaki is a complete and utter disgrace, failure and embarrassment to the State Dept and the US. She is a symbol of the failure with this president and his foreign policy which will have a domino affect among all our allies destroying what is left of US credibility.

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