Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gen Lovell: Military Assets Not Sent to Benghazi Out of Deference to Clinton State Dept

Clinton has blood on her hands for playing politics with people's lives. If they wanted to they could have gotten support to the CIA outpost in time to save everyone. The battle went on for over 8 hours giving enough time to any response force in the area to arrive in time. The 3am call came to Clinton and she bailed while obama was too busy planning his re-election to care. But what was missing from todays hearing? WHY were Stevens and company in Benghazi in the first place!?

No one in DC is talking about the gun running this admin was engaged in with terrorists. That boys and girls is the real smoking gun as to why Americans were left for dead in Benghazi. It is easier to allow those in the know to take what they know to the grave vs having them sitting before Chaffetz and other congressional leaders as to what they were doing in Benghazi in the first place. Remember this attack didnt happen at a US embassy or consulate, it was a CIA outpost! Glen Doherty told ABC News a month prior they were there on a intel mission to track weapons. What weapons where did they come from why this need for a covert operation to locate them? I'll tell you because they were arms facilitated into the region by this administration via Operation Zero Footprint...

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