Thursday, May 1, 2014

Glenn Beck: For the Record Story on Benghazi 'Proved the White House Was Running Guns to Al Qaeda'

"...during the debate, do you think if Mitt Romney or anyone else would have had the documents that we produced last night that the President of the United States oversaw and was running guns to Al Qaeda - do you think I would've made a difference?"

This was a great segment from the 2nd hour of Beck's radio show (full clip) today. Everything coming out from this admin about Benghazi are complete lies. The admin wants to keep the public misled on what happened while calling it a GOP conspiracy theory to trivialize any new news that gets released. What people do not understand to this day is about Benghazi is that it is a cover up of a cover up over running guns to Al Qaeda! Beck is so adamant to get the truth out he was borderline begging Fox to take the For the Record story "Zero Footprint" and run with it as if it was their own story!

This is what separates Beck from all the other media, he is not out to be the first one to the wire with a story. So those who attack him that he is money hungry, looking for glory to make a name for himself explain this?! Explain how he is willing to hand off an explosive story allowing whoever runs with it to treat it as their own and take all the credit!? Beck like most of us wants to get the truth out about this corrupt now treasonous administration and we don't care who gets the info out first, lets just get it out!

This story should be everywhere, impeachment should be on the table now. I know, I know Reid will torpedo it but to at least make it official that an attempt was made to remove obama once and for all. All the networks including Fox and alternative media should be ashamed of themselves for not mentioning one word about this. Had this been Bush or Pres Romney the White House would have been raided by now!

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