Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hospital CEO: Obamacare Has Not Reduced ER Visits

So now that people are forced onto obamacare the increasing hospital ER visits has not slowed down! Take note the CNBC crew points out the same thing happened under Romneycare which his majesty used as a campaign angle in 2012. Both plans stink, which is clear now that Massachusetts is ditching Romneycare insurance exchange, because no one wants government controlled healthcare! But what do you expect though when you add more people onto a system than it can handle? Doctors are leaving the industry, those still in have double the amount of work to do because of barackobamacare so logic dictates there will be more visits at hospitals. It doesn't matter what his majesty and his minions said about how this number would drop. They lied no one in DC seems to care to take action for the blatant textbook fraud committed against the people.

When you are sitting in an ER bleeding out or someone in your family is injured or very ill WAITING for care just remember obamacare is working! It was designed to overwhelm the system not provide pressure releases for ER's and other caregivers!

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