Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sen Mary Landrieu: Getting Rid of Me Would be Bad for the Country

Getting a little desperate are we Mary? These monsters in DC are so arrogant they will take to the airwaves and make ridiculous statements as Mary Landrieu that we are too stupid and need people like her to exist. I'd like to ask Mary why we need her? Is it because she isn't done destroying the little that is left of our healthcare system she played a role in destroying? Does she have more work to do in bringing our economy to rubble? Maybe she has plans to take more of our rights away for our security?!

America monsters like Landrieu have already brought us to the brink what harm would it be at this point to run her and the others like her out of office? Do you want someone this arrogant saying we need her in power? We are on our way to going over the cliff what difference does it make to keep progressives like her or not? We might as well take a chance with someone new rather than committing suicide and completely insane by keeping hardcore progressives in power. Do not fall for Landrieu's or others lies pleading to stay in office; to do so is pure insanity. We keep electing the same people over and over again expecting them to do something different the next time around! You would think after the first couple elections hearing this crap people would learn their lesson by now! Stop playing it safe because it hasn't worked, we are worse off today with all the same people in power.

Louisiana voters wake the hell up and send this witch packing!

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