Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reid: Republicans Are Like 'Greased Pigs'

Reid knows all about greasy pigs because he is one! I would like to know WHY this monster is on the PEOPLE'S SENATE FLOOR, ON OUR DIME running his mouth with this vile drivel? The nation is literally on fire economically and socially, there are over 100 million people out of work and this is what our leaders do all day?!! Our enemies around the world are arming up and this is the type of "discussion" heard on OUR SENATE FLOOR?! This is all propaganda from Dingy because the demoncrats hold a majority in the Senate and if they choose they can ram through anything they want since he invoked the nuclear option where only 51 votes are needed to get ANYTHING passed!

Folks you all better get out of this funk you're in and get back in the game. Why is DC quiet? Why is it business as usual? Why aren't the streets brought to a standstill with angry American's marching to the Capitol? Where are the marches, protests sit-ins?

One more thing America, you can thank your fellow citizens in Nevada for allowing this monster to rule the Senate spewing his filth like this for over 2 decades. These are the same people who whine about impeaching obama but REFUSE to lift a finger to remove Reid from office. They must enjoy their 8.5% unemployment rate and there are 90,000 who are going to lose their healthcare!

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