Monday, May 5, 2014

Judge Pirro: Obama's Dereliction of Duty Calls For His Impeachment

The Judge laid into the regime spelling out facts that happen with Benghazi while the regime pushed fiction to protect obamas reelection and Hilary's political future.

How is it Bill Clinton faced impeachment over lying about having sex with Monica Lewinsky and Nixon resigned over burglary knowing impeachment was inevitable but obama remains unscathed over the numerous scandals under his reign of power?

We have leaders who know we have a criminal in the white house and they choose not to take action against him. They also choose not to take action because they know his political bodyguard in the Senate, Harry Reid, will stop any action taken against him. The fact obama is still in power and impeachment hasn't even been initiated or discussed in a serious nature in DC is proof of the distress this nation is under.

Pirro's closing sounds like the words you would hear from a Judge after one would be found guilty. Sadly odds are folks we will never hear something like this:

"... you have not taken your oath to honestly and faithfully execute the duties of your office. As commander-in-chief you have not protected us. This dereliction of duty as commander-in-chief demands your impeachment. Your cover up was for political advantage, the promotion thereafter of virtually everyone involved in your conspiracy and the stonewalling of congress, the denying of access to key witnesses all add up to a classic cover-up.

And what's that? You were elected. There is no contract with someone who thinks that the American people are nothing more than pawns in an all-consuming power-play to change who we are as a nation.

You swore to protect and defend the American people but instead you left Americans to die not lifting a finger to help them. Mister president none of us want to believe that our president would let Americans die, but the arrogance, the failure to act, the lies, the cover-up make it clear that you mister president have defrauded the American people. You mister president have violated your constitutional oath. You have not faithfully executed your duties in the office of the president."

What are the people to do when our president have failed to honor his oath but also those serving have failed to honor their oath as well? Our Founders foresaw this coming and left the answers within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

What are you prepared to do??

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