Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Krauthammer: Global Warming Junk Science Is Like Indian Rain Dance, War on Carbon Is 'Economic Suicide, Global Do-Goodism'

These Krauthmmer clips are a good transition from the Rush Limbaugh post where I state global warming is a hoax. Krauthammers wisdom that it is junk science leading into the US's war on carbon is economic suicide for do-goodism plays right back into Limbaugh's argument. Obama will use global warming, climate change or the new one climate disruption as an excuse for more dictatorial power grabs. Why is the US being held to such high standards on pollution and CO2 emissions when you have India and China rolling out new coal fired plants every week. They don't have the EPA and eco-terrorists jumping up and down on them do they!? No only the evil rich USA has to pay up while the rest of the world trashes the environment!

That should be a clear indicator for folks to understand the entire thing is a scam for nothing more than wealth redistribution. Make US energy producers and corporations pay heft fines, fees and taxes to the world body even though we have the tightest regulations in the world!

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