Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reid Says There Will Be No Senate Committee to Investigate Benghazi

There he is, one of the most destructive, dangerous and divisive politicians in US history. There will be no Senate select committee on Benghazi because Reid is too busy attacking the Koch brothers, conservatives and of course protecting emperor obama. Is this not enough for people to see and understand career politicians must be removed from power? Nothing can get done in the Senate because of Reid and anything legitimate to address the economy, the nations debt and other serious matters are sand bagged. Any bill or appointment that helps democrats and obama are rammed through by the dems super majority via the nuclear option.

The only talk of Benghazi we will ever hear out of the Senate will be attacks from this radical dangerous excuse of a human being. His excuses of the documents collected and hearings are irrelevant now that we have solid proof the admin is deliberately hiding information from the Congress. Had it not been for the FOIA ruling for Judicial Watch we would never know the role admin officials played to cover up the cover up!

Clearly the demoncrats are fearful of the truth coming out that this admin has been hiding a gun running operation to our enemies where no doubt some dems were involved. This scandal goes beyond the white house and it is why so many are against the truth coming out. That said if you are innocent and there is nothing there wouldn't you welcome a final definitive investigation vindicating yourself so you can use such a finding to destroy your opposition?! Who wouldn't! Only people with something to hide do not want the truth revealed!

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